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Senin, 15 April 2013



Are you curious? Hahaha..
Hello friends howdy? Hope that everything gonna be alright, okay..
This time I wanna post something about recognizing STATA.. Yeah for not wasting time, let’s go to the point about this statistical analysis software.. In my opinion, I reckon that this is a very complete software to use fella..
May be, we have ever heard and used the others such as SPSS, Eviews, Lisrell/Amos (for SEM), R and etc but I give lots of points for STATA owing to its existence as a combination of SPSS and Eviews.

STATA has been facilitated with menu bar just like the other softwares (we just click the menu and process the data).. Hemmm but in STATA we can use syntaxes friends.. And don’t worry, it can be learned, right? Hahaha..

We can use our time efficiently while using STATA because of these given syntaxes.. In example when we want to change the significance level in our research from 90% to 99%, we need not open the menu bar and do step by step from the beginning.. We just change only at the syntax..

This is the example.. See this..
I wanna use this STATA to do t test for two independent population.. I wanna test whether there is the similarity in age mean between the genders (men and women). At first I use  90% significance level. There are two options: We can click the menu bar as usual or we can use the syntax. No matter because the result is just the same.. 

For giving you a few Indonesian vocabularies, I will remain the language be the same with the Indonesian one.. men = laki-laki and women = perempuan.. Okay hahaha.. and age = usia, and the last gender = jenis kelamin.. This is called transferring language skill.. Hahaha..  In this case, I use the syntax : ttest usia, by(jen_kel) level(90)

And then when I try to increase the significance level to  99%, we just make the syntax: ttest usia, by(jen_kel) level(99),, We just change the number.. It’s so easy, isn’t it?

We can conclude that there’s no difference at age means between men (laki-laki) and women (perempuan)..
Okay, back to my opinion, STATA is a ombination of SPSS and E views Time Series because we can do lots of analysis by using STATA. Hemmh, the recommended software, I think other than SPSS.

Next, we can do sampling in STATA not only by Simple Random Sampling Assumption, but we can use Cluster Sampling and Stratified Random Sampling that has a less variance than Simple Random Sampling..
Okay, that’s just the introduction of STATA.. Just wait for the next post about STATA tutorial in analysis,,

I wanna create the others.. Hope this can be useful for you.. Keep spirit,, Be successful and be blessed :-)

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